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At Hickey & Hull Law, we have a great team of people who are dedicated to your legal care. Our team is made up of experienced, caring individuals who have your best interests in mind. Our clients are our main priority from start to finish. If you need legal help, call us today – we’ll be glad to talk with you about your case.

Attorney at Law

Justice and injustice have always fascinated me. How our legal system arrives at deciding what is just, and unjust, has likewise captivated me for most of my life. It was during my junior year at the University of Southern California, during an upper-level philosophy class of all places, that the seed was planted that would lead me to follow the law as a profession.

The class was Philosophy of Law and during that semester we discussed numerous scenarios, hypotheticals, and situations that would always result in some type of legal ramification. At some point during that semester, it hit me – the law touches every part of our lives. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be part of something that was so important, and could be used to help so many people.

For years I practiced as a solo practitioner. When you practice as a solo you are essentially throwing yourself to the wolves. You have to learn everything on your own and by jumping in with both feet. I became a legal sponge, studying the law every chance I had. I wrote articles and blog posts (still do). I would hang out at the courthouse and watch jury trials and hearings to learn everything that I could from other more seasoned lawyers and judges. I had two or three older attorneys that were great mentors to me. Still do actually, because the law is an ongoing endeavor – ever-changing.

At one point in my career, I chose to be part of a couple of law firms. I worked with some good attorneys and had some great experiences. But the gravity of having my own firm, and running it the way that I felt was best, always tugged at me. So I decided to go back to having my own office. But this time it would be different.

I wanted a firm with highly motivated lawyers and support staff. A firm that excels at client service and makes sure the clients know that we are there for them throughout their case. We would strive for consistent client communication to keep them informed of what was going on in their case every step of the way. And we would be skilled in the courtroom.

After nearly 17 years of practice and vision, Hickey & Hull Law Partners is that firm. I am proud to say that I believe our team will provide you with the best legal representation in the state. We are constantly working to better our firm and the experience that our clients have with us. We hope to hear from you and we look forward to being of service.

When I’m away from Hickey & Hull Law Partners, my wife Nicole and I love to entertain friends at our home.  I am an avid cook so you will many times find me in the kitchen.  Our three children, Brady, Ridge, and Aryn, keep us busy with their athletics (baseball, football, basketball, and soccer) and we couldn’t be prouder of them.  Their friends also make themselves at home at our house many nights of the week.  Some of our happiest times are when we have a houseful of kids.  We also love to travel when we can and post our adventures on social media.  I guess I should mention (or Nicole will kill me) we actually do have one other child.  He is our French Bulldog Chico and is most certainly the boss of the house.  It is rumored that Chico has his own Instagram page (Chico Hickey).

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