estate planning

Estate Planning

A common saying in sports is that “Father Time is undefeated.” But this truth applies far beyond athletics. It is a reality that everyone must face at some point. Our goal is to help our clients find a peace of mind with this reality by ensuring that they have their affairs in order.

A common misconception is that only those with large estates need to do “estate planning”. However, even if you have little to no assets, proper planning now can be extremely beneficial in the future. A simple power of attorney form and a basic will or trust can make a world of difference in protecting you and your family’s interests down the road. No matter the size of your estate or your net worth, you will be better off having your affairs in order sooner rather than later.

Typical Estate Planning documents that our firm provides:

  • Wills
  • Basic Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney

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