You never intended for things to get to this point. When you got married your life was going exactly how you wanted. You had found your best friend – your soulmate. And you were going to spend the rest of your life with this person that could not be more perfect for you.

After a year or two things did not seem as rosy. But who cares? All marriages go through their honeymoon phase and then real life sets in. That’s just normal, right?

At some point, things, unfortunately, got worse. Maybe you drifted apart. Maybe there was abuse. Maybe there were financial troubles. Maybe there was an affair – or more than one.

Then recently you started thinking about divorce. Now it seems that is all you think about. The mere mention of the word fills you with worry and stress. You may even feel overwhelmed by it. So many questions that you don’t have answers to. Should I even be thinking about divorce? Are things really that bad? How do I know if divorce is the right answer?

And now you are here looking for answers. The good news is we have answers for you. This is what we do – every day. Please take a look around the site. We hope it is helpful for you and provides the answers you’re looking for. And we are here to help if you find yourself ready to take the next step. Things are about to get better.

We can help.

Yes, you will still have to make those decisions, but you will make them with the guidance of an informed and confidential attorney with YOUR best interest in mind.  

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