COVID-19 & Christmas

COVID-19 & Christmas

Every year, there is a blog on our site about the power of family tradition. It discusses the stability and support such traditions bring to families. I make a point to emphasize the importance of establishing your own new traditions after divorce. COVID-19 halted the safe practice of many traditions involving gatherings and holiday family time. There are still ways to make this holiday special.

Virtual Santa Visit

This may sound weird, but if you usually trek out to a mall or public area with your kids for the annual Santa visit, the virtual visit is the perfect safe replacement. Make some hot cocoa and cookies, and settle in for a truly delightful visit your children will enjoy.

You Have Mail

Remember letters? Like, Letters in the mail? This is the perfect time to send letters, cards, and fun gifts. If you cannot be together with family, send little gifts and ways to let them know you care. They can be fun, they can be serious, they can even be a mail-in dirty Santa game! Think creatively. Who knows, even after families and friends can safely meet for the holidays, some of these 2020 traditions may become a yearly ritual!

Video Chats

Zoom pretty much rules the world right now. The capabilities are amazing. You can screen share and watch a movie together, you can drink a special drink and chat together, and you can even have game nights. Make use of the amazing technology available and get creative to keep connections and relationships intact.

Home LIfe

Being stuck in your home for the holidays can be the perfect opportunity for trying old family recipes, baking homemade ornaments, holding Christmas movie marathons, and making the most of time together. Staying home with the kids can mean more snuggles and more hot cocoa bars.

The year 2020 changed the way we do community, but it doesn’t mean our Christmas has to suffer. There are ways to make this the coziest, most memorable Christmas for your family after a divorce. Think creatively and stay connected. It’s about to get better. We’re here to help.