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Attorney at Law

My two great loves have always been the land and the law. I am a native of South Louisiana and the proud son of an American farmer, but my talents are in speech, writing, and thinking.Changing times and my own black thumb made it pretty obvious where my life was heading.  My teachers always told me I would either be the Pope or the President.  While neither of those are in the cards, the dedication, drive, compassion, and hard work those roles require are all skills you need to have as a lawyer.

After earning my Bachelors in Philosophy, I spent a year working as a bank teller for Wells Fargo in Butte, Montana.  For a time I thought I would go to law school up there, but the first snowfall in June convinced me I belonged in the south.  After some research, I settled on the University of Arkansas for my law degree and have worked to make this state my home. Since then, I have fallen in love with the culture, people, and natural beauty of this state. I chose Arkansas to be closer to my family, but also because of the law school’s unique opportunities.

The University of Arkansas is one of the few places in the country with an advanced program in Agricultural & Food Law.  Considering my background, it was a no-brainer.  Before starting law school I set my eyes on certain goals: get my degree, pass the bar, take advanced studies in agricultural law, and never lose touch with my roots.  Along the way, I gained some valuable experience clerking at the Fayetteville City Prosecutor’s Office and representing clients in the law school’s Civil Litigation and Advocacy Clinic.  I also interned with the USDA's Office of the General Counsel and have extensive research experience in natural resource programs, federal air and water regulations, food marketing and labeling, and other aspects of agribusiness. So far, we’re doing pretty good.

Now that most of the goals are in the rearview, it’s time for new goals and a new set of challenges. Hickey & Hull Law Partners presents these new goals and challenges: become a seasoned professional, help people who need it, carry on the firm’s reputation for success, and of course, never lose touch with my roots.  I am excited to work with some excellent attorneys as I continue growing personally and professionally.  I remain open to new experiences and new opportunities to use my dedication, drive, compassion, and hard work to serve you.  Whether your issue is new or one we’ve seen a thousand times, I will give you the attention, care, and time you deserve.

Outside the office, I continue to pursue my LL.M. Degree in Agricultural & Food Law, which I anticipate completing in May.  At home, my wife Aleksandra and daughter Poppy keep me plenty busy.  We look forward to growing our family and making a home in Northwest Arkansas.  I like to garden, despite not being very good at growing anything.  We’re big foodies, and I love to cook every chance I get.  I’m also a trivia buff, Aleksandra gets tired of me shouting at Jeopardy like other people shout at college football.