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Back Taxes and Your Divorce

The tumultuous time leading up to divorce, and then the months endured during divorce, leave you emotionally exhausted (Well, for the majority of those divorcing this is the case.).The day the divorce is finalized feels like it should end everything involved in dissolving what was once a marriage. Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief for making it through the legal process, but don’t be surprised if within a short time something pops up that was part of the past.

What could possibly be left to discuss? The house, the property, the other assets have all been decided upon. Everything to do with the children has all been printed out in black and white. However, there is always the chance that something big, something important has not yet been discovered: taxes. More specifically, back taxes.

Many former spouses find that their tax returns on the state and federal level are either diminished or completely gone when that letter arrives after filing.The issue here goes back to when you were married; If your spouse filed incorrectly, or didn’t file at all, during your marriage, then you will be left paying the price. There are several options: you can work out a payment plan, or you can file the innocent spouse tax relief form.

Know your rights when it comes to this type of situation. Some may choose to pay the taxes for their former spouse, but there are others who will want to fight what might seem like an injustice. The payment is easy: call the number on the letter, or login to the website, and set up a payment plan. If the other route is more appealing, download the paperwork for the innocent spouse tax relief form. Should you have questions, remember that we are here to help. Remember: it’s about to get better.

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