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Divorce: Live Your Best Life

If you haven’t watched the Kid President videos in a while, go out and do that now. It will help establish your faith in humanity again. The people at Soul Pancake on YouTube bring some uplifting content. It was after a Kid President marathon that I explored some of the other videos recommended, and I couldn’t resist one entitled “That Moment Divorce Changes Your World.”

Divorce definitely changes your world. In this particular video, political hints and agendas aside, I was struck with how divorce can transform a lost person into the person they were created to be. We often only read or hear about the devastation and trouble divorce causes. (Yes, this is a law blog, but that doesn’t mean we believe divorce is a good thing.) In this blog we discuss matters surrounding divorce in order to equip you with knowledge, because knowledge is truly power, but what if we stopped for a minute and talked about the good that can arise from a new start? That’s what a divorce can be -- a new start. You can live your best life, even after divorce.

People marry young, and that is a beautiful, hopeful part of the human experience. Young marriages often end, even 20 years later, because people change. We should change. We should grow and expand. The challenge in marriage is that through the growth, through the change, we should stay connected to our partner. Too often, this does not happen and the rift is so wide that a bridge across is difficult to even conceive, let alone build.

What happens next is usually a divorce. But as this young woman in the video describes, divorce has the power to challenge the facade we have built around ourselves. Perhaps the relationship fell apart because it was never based on reality. Many times, as people begin to discuss their divorce, it comes down to something about identity. Sometimes it is a loss of identity. Sometimes it is discovering identity. What this woman discusses is real. When we divorce, we can find in ourselves a deeper, more authentic version of ourselves. The power of seeking through the brokenness, or wandering through the shock until we bump into it, is that we find a more authentic piece of ourselves.

Too often we build relationships around broken pieces, or incomplete ones. Divorce can keep us in this cycle, or it can free us from it. After divorce, people can feel lost, confused, hurt and alone. An individual can begin to find their way out of this by discovering who they are, what they dream, what they want, and in this way, begin to live their best life.

Remember, it’s about to get better. We’re here to help.