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How to Deal with Divorce During the Holidays

Whether it’s your first holiday without your children or your tenth holiday season, the emotions and stress of the holidays never get easier. Unfortunately, for many children, an adult’s stress level makes the holidays harder for them. To make the holidays enjoyable and easier for everyone, adults should develop a plan to help everyone cope during this time.

4 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

There are a few key ways to improve your holiday season experience. These four tips will help you and your children handle the changes healthily and allow everyone to grow closer together.

Schedule Ahead

Planning how you spend your time with your children during the holiday seasons is a great way to make the most of your time. A holiday parenting time schedule gives you a plan and an easy way to communicate with your ex-spouse. Also, your children will be excited as they see the fun things planned.

But holiday schedules also help when things go off-script. If dates change or there’s an emergency, a detailed plan keeps everyone on the same page. A schedule keeps you flexible, opens communication lines with your ex, and keeps the holiday season enjoyable for all.

Let Your Children Talk About Their Feelings

Children want to be heard by adults, especially their parents. When a child is upset or confused about the living situations or the separate holiday celebrations, have a conversation with them. A conversation about feelings during a difficult time is a great way to strengthen your relationship and stay involved in their life.

Be Respectful of Your Ex-Spouse and Family

Parental alienation is not only dangerous behavior; it is illegal. Always be respectful of your former spouse and family, especially when around your kids. A child does not want to hear you complain about Mommy or Daddy all the time. They love each of their parents, and to listen to their mom or dad say horrible things about the other changes their feelings about you and the other parent.

Focus on Spending Time with Your Children

During the holidays, it’s easy to get bogged down in the “Buy! Buy! Buy!” mentality with your children. Parents often spend money on things for their children to make up for the lost time.

However, instead of buying things for your children, spend quality time with them. Take them to fun events or start new holiday traditions.

Focus on making memories instead of buying things. Are you not convinced? Think about your favorite memories. Are they of items you received or something you did?


The holidays are especially tough for divorced couples and their children. But with a schedule and the right attitude, you can make a significant impact on your children’s lives. If you listen, are respectful, and spend quality time with your children, you will enjoy the holiday season so much more.

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