News: Arkansas Reports 75 Work-Related Fatalities in 2022

News: Arkansas Reports 75 Work-Related Fatalities in 2022

In a disheartening revelation, Arkansas witnessed a surge in work-related fatalities in 2022, reaching a staggering 75, up from 74 the previous year.

This alarming increase emphasizes the need for awareness and measures to protect workers. Next, we’ll go over the details of these incidents and provide insights on how families can safeguard their interests in the event of such tragedies.


Arkansas Records 75 Work-Related Deaths in 2022

Arkansas grappled with the consequences of work-related incidents, with 57 deaths occurring among wage and salary workers in the private sector. 

Something of note: Fatalities decreased among self-employed workers from 11 in 2021 to seven in 2022, offering a glimmer of relief. Local and state government worker fatalities also saw a decrease from 13 in 2021 to 10 in 2022.

But the statistics revealed a gender disparity, with 72 men and 3 women losing their lives in work-related incidents. Transportation incidents remained the leading cause of these fatalities, constituting 34.7% of deaths in 2022. While this was a decrease from the previous year's 44 incidents, it’s still an alarming number. 



Contact with objects or equipment claimed 15 lives, a troubling increase from 10 in 2021. Falls, slips, and trips were responsible for 13 deaths in 2022, up from 10 in 2021. 

Exposure to harmful substances or environments led to nine worker fatalities, doubling from four in 2021. Twelve other deaths, including nine from open wounds and eight from gunshot wounds, added to the grim toll.

On a national scale, the United States witnessed a 5.7% increase in work-related deaths in 2022, totaling 5,486 fatalities. Shockingly, on average, a worker lost their life every 96 minutes, translating to 15 work-related deaths daily and 105 weekly.


Understanding the Statute of Limitations

In Arkansas, the legal framework surrounding wrongful death claims and workers’ compensation is crucial for affected families. 

Wrongful death claims generally have a three-year statute of limitations from the date of the person’s death. But if the claim is related to a healthcare provider's error, the state’s two-year medical malpractice statute of limitations applies.

Families grappling with the aftermath of a work-related fatality can take several steps to protect their interests.


File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Pursue benefits such as death benefits, coverage for funeral expenses, and reimbursement for medical bills related to the fatal injury.


Consider Third-Party Lawsuits

If someone other than the employer or a co-worker is responsible for the accident, families can explore third-party lawsuits for additional compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits.



Investigation and Documentation

Collecting evidence is crucial. This includes obtaining incident reports from the employer, gathering witness statements, and compiling relevant medical records.


Hickey & Hull Law Partners Can Help

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