Reconnecting Hearts During July’s National Family Reunion Month

Reconnecting Hearts During July’s National Family Reunion Month

In a world where social media has become the new norm for family connections, the idea of traditional family reunions may seem like a thing of the past. But did you know that nearly half of children under 13 years old are using social media?

For alienated parents, this statistic can be overwhelming, especially if they find themselves detached from their children’s lives. As National Family Reunion Month comes to an end, we wanted to explore a few ideas that alienated parents can use to navigate this challenging time and take steps toward reconnecting with their beloved children.

Idea #1: Letter or Video Message

Compose a heartfelt letter or record a video message expressing your love and desire to reconnect. Avoid blaming or criticizing the other parent, and instead, focus on the positive memories you shared with your child.

Idea #2: Small Gifts or Mementos

Send small, thoughtful gifts or mementos that are symbolic of your relationship with your child. Avoid extravagant or expensive items, as the focus should be on the gesture rather than material possessions. For example, if you have to travel for work, pick up a souvenir for your child to let them know you were thinking about them!

Idea #3: Special Occasion Cards

On special occasions like birthdays or holidays, send a card to your child, reminding them that you are thinking of them and care deeply. But don’t just limit the cards to birthdays and holidays — you can really show your child you’re thinking of them by sending one randomly, like "Happy Saturday!"

Idea #4: Family Photo Album

Assemble a photo album showcasing cherished memories of time spent together as a family. Present this album as a token of your love and the meaningful moments you shared. Photographs are known to trigger memories where you can recall a specific moment faster than words can — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

What To Remember Before You Reach Out

It’s crucial to respect your child’s boundaries and decisions. If they’re not yet ready to reconnect, give them the space they need without pressuring or guilt-tripping them. Be sure that you’re not “love-bombing” them either with gifts, mementos, cards, or even your time. Every act you conduct should have intentional meaning behind it.

Consider alternative solutions if you’re on a rocky path with your child, like mediation or therapy. Suggest attending a mediation session with your ex-spouse to talk about your feelings and intentions in a safe space and attend family counseling with your child to work through any underlying issues that might be contributing to the feeling of alienation. 

Always be clear to your child that you have an open-door policy. This means you’re always available and willing to talk or spend time with them whenever they feel comfortable doing so. Understand this might mean there could be a time when you need to cancel your existing plans should your child reach out.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help You?

The road to reunion may be filled with uncertainties and emotions, but by approaching the situation with love, empathy, and respect for their child’s boundaries, parents can take meaningful steps toward rebuilding the parent-child relationship.

If you need help with mediation, custody, or parent time, the family law experts at Hickey & Hull Law Partners can help you. With decades of experience working with Arkansas families and helping them reconnect, we know no problem is too big to overcome. Children need both their parents — and you’re already on the right track by considering reaching out.

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Remember that every gesture should be genuine and from the heart, and above all, stay patient and hopeful that one day, the seeds of love and reconciliation will bloom once again.