What is a Lien?

A lien is a legal claim that a person or business can make against a property to ensure that they get paid for work they've done or materials they have supplied. Liens are often

used by mechanics or on construction projects, where contractors and subcontractors may have to wait for payment until the project is completed.

In Arkansas, the law allows contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to file a lien against a property if they have not been paid for their work or materials. To file a lien, the contractor must provide a written notice to the property owner that includes details of the work or materials provided, the amount owed, and the deadline for payment. If the deadline passes and the person still hasn't been paid, they can file a lien with the county clerk's office. It is important to note that for many contractors, they must also have provided notice of their right to seek a lien prior to beginning construction in order to avail themselves to the lien statute in the State of Arkansas.


Once a lien has been filed, the property owner will be notified. The property owner may challenge the validity of the lien.If the lien is not challenged, then the lien holder can take legal action for the claim on the property.