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How Far Should Police Go When Questioning Children

As you know, one of my passions is assisting parents that have been falsely accused of child abuse.  This case is a prime example of why.  Police and DHS caseworkers/interviewers simply get too overzealous sometimes in their thirst for information.  Allegations of child abuse carry a great deal of raw emotion for everyone involved, including the investigators.  After all, investigators are only human.

But the bloodthirst that often fuels these investigations from the very outset is often a recipe for disaster.  What's worse, oftentimes the alleged offender is never even questioned before his/her children are taken away.  It is definitely a system of being labelled guilty until you are able to prove your innocence - which is a process that can take months or even years.

This situation involves a family in Michigan.  And by the time they were finished with their case, the police department ponied up a $1.8 million settlement.

Here's a link to the ABC News article.  Also, 20/20 will air a story tomorrow night about the case.