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Living in the Present Moment

"It is when you are really living in the present - working, thinking, lost, absorbed in something you care about very much, that you are living spiritually." - Brenda Ueland (1891-1985) American writer, educator, and editor.

In the past couple of years it seems that "the present moment" has become the focal point of those postulating about what it means to be truly happy.  The problem we have, they say, is that there is so much to distract us in today's world that we get caught up in everything except the present moment.  What we want to do this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, next week, causes us to constantly lose the present moment, and consequently, happiness.

To a certain extent, I agree.  Especially when I consider my profession.  The law, with its neverending deadlines and insatiable need for thorough preparation, can drain the life right out of the present moment.  Additionally, we are constantly asked (usually by clients) to predict what will happen in the future - "what are my chances at trial?"  "will I get custody of my children?" "how much money will I get?"  All of these things are in the realm of the future, and therefore we lawyers find ourselves dealing in the future quite a bit.  All of these things also increase stress, as we attempt to predict what the future holds for a client.  A future that, for obvious reasons, holds immense importance.

Yes, the present moment certainly sounds inviting.  And just how far out of reach could it be?  I mean, we are in it right now are we not?  So, I'm going to accept the invitation and see how it goes.

Stay tuned...