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The Candidate On The Street This Morning

On my way to work each morning I drive through two of the busiest intersections in my city.  While stopped at the light of the first intersection, I noted a candidate for city council holding one of his campaign signs and cheerfully waving to all those that passed.  He was wearing a heavy coat since it is about 40-something degrees this morning and misting.  I do not know much about this candidate except what I saw as I passed by - a man that has a pleasant demeanor (at least this morning) willing to endure not-so-comfortable weather in order to "greet" a lot of people (at least on election day)...and, in my opinion, seems to care a great deal about winning the city council seat for which he is running (again, at least this morning).

Now, this is not the first time I have seen a candidate doing this.  I understand that this is not novel.  But, his actions tell you at least a little bit do they not?

I now direct you to the second busy intersection that I pass through each morning - and to the person that was also holding a campaign sign, this time for governor.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that the person holding this sign was not the gubernatorial candidate for my state - although "guber" did come to mind.  Maybe it was the old stained baseball cap on his head.  Or the unshaven face.  Or the cigarette dangling from his mouth.  Whatever.  All of it combined to say "when's lunch?" not "vote for the guy on this sign."

I understand that it is easier for the city council guy to get out on the street in his hometown on election day.  I understand that the governor cannot be on every street corner in the state on election day.  But I also understand that the details about how a candidate runs his campaign can tell you volumes about that candidate.

I'm willing to bet the gubernatorial candidate's campaign manager does not know that guy is out there with that sign.  That tells you something.  And if the campaign manager does know, well that tells you something too doesn't it?

For me the bottom line is this.  The city council candidate made a conscious decision to show people in our city what this election means to him this morning.  By going out in the mist and cold to show us, and with a smile on his face at that.  When I ask myself how many politicians across the country are doing that this morning, I can't help but think that it is a small, small number.

I don't know if he'll win or not, but kudos to him all the same.