Spring Break from Home

Spring Break from Home


A month ago, we wrote a blog for people who had divorced, or were in the middle of divorce, specifically for those with kids. We wanted to offer alternatives to spring break trips because parents often find themselves on a more limited budget after divorce. This blog is now completely irrelevant. Here are a few new options we came up with on the fly. Teachers and parents are sharing good information and most of it is due to the new “home school” we find ourselves conducting during the social distancing movement. Covid-19 may have interrupted your plans, but we have ideas.  Let’s look at some options:


Redefine Family Time

Let’s be real: family time is about to go to the next level. You can make the most of this during spring break with our kids. Kids need the stability of structure, especially in a time of crisis. Create family time like movie nights (complete with popcorn if the shelves at the grocery store actually have popcorn), card game nights, board game nights, puzzle nights, Lego and fort building nights. Start a video game called an open world game, you can play those together for hours--we recommend The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but you can still have a blast playing Mario Kart together. Whatever it is, make the most of all this time. It’s a gift in a time of peril.


Get in the Kitchen

Have you seen some of the cooking and baking shows on television and Netflix centered around kids? Some of the world’s master chefs are, like, nine. Yes, supplies are limited, but you can take the time you so often couldn’t and now teach your children a life skill: preparing meals and treats. Make it fun! Have a cupcake competition. Cooking and baking are not only important to survival, they are also delicious.


Arts & Crafts

Remember how most summer camps had arts and crafts activities? There’s a reason. It’s messy, it’s creative, it takes up time, and it’s fun. You can go old school with painting projects and building birdhouses, but you can also find more than enough ideas and resources on Pinterest. There are free coloring sheets you can print from home and numerous projects and activities. Art is therapy. Make some art together.



It sounds simple, but move together. Whether you go on a family hike (remember your social distancing rules) or play Twister, be active as a family. YouTube has resources for dance videos you can all sweat to and look ridiculous to in your living room. Try Kidz Bop. Again, Pinterest is your friend. Search indoor activities and, boom, you’ll find things like balloon tennis and cup stacking. 


Take A Virtual Tour

You can now explore museums and zoos online. With the outbreak reaching a pandemic, many destinations sought to provide a virtual experience; you can see art, explore history, and learn about the world’s animals from your computer. Imagine the memories, research, and conversations you can have with your children. These are the memories they will cherish.


Remember, we are here to help. It will get better. Live and spend time with those whom you love, even in the shadow of the unknown. Take these extra days and weeks to build into your family. Enjoy your spring break, and contact us if you have questions. Stay safe.