Three Reasons for Divorce in the United States

In 2019, over 2 million people got married. At the same time, there were over 750,000 divorces. So for millions that experience the most incredible day of their life, thousands suffer heartbreak. As the divorce rate continues to increase, it is essential to understand the reasons why. While we want all marriages to be happy and blessed, we know that is not the case for all couples. The three main reasons couples divorce are due to conflict, lack of commitment, and infidelity.


Conflict is defined as a serious disagreement between two parties and falls under fault grounds for divorce. Conflict is unavoidable, even in marriages. When a married couple divorces for conflict, it is not because of the occasional argument. The issue is much larger than that.

Regardless of the action taken or the word spoken, there is distrust and friction between the two individuals. Conflict arises out of any situation when two people are at odds with each other and could lead to domestic violence.

Lack of Commitment

When your partner begins missing out on important events or not making time to spend with you, there could be a concern for lack of commitment. This reason is the second leading cause of divorce in the United States and is considered fault grounds.

Before filing for divorce, you should speak with your partner about their behaviors and perceived lack of commitment. There could be a simple explanation that has nothing to do with their desire for the relationship. However, if their answer points to a lack of commitment, you need to collect evidence for divorce. As with all fault divorces, you need to provide adequate evidence to the court for your divorce.


The number three leading cause of divorce in the United States is infidelity and adultery. In short, cheating and adultery cover any action or intent of sexual relations with someone outside of the marriage.

Adultery is heartbreaking. If your spouse committed adultery, you are within your legal rights to seek divorce. Divorce rates have shown that 10% - 58% of marriages end because of cheating and infidelity. While there is no definitive way to know your spouse will cheat on you before marriage, you must marry a person you trust.

Find a Lawyer You Can Trust

Just like marrying someone you trust is crucial, so is finding a divorce lawyer you can trust. Divorces are tricky because you are exposing yourself and your marriage to a stranger. It would be best if you trust your gut instincts. Look at an attorney's track record, online reviews, and ask several questions at your initial consultation. You want to get a good idea of who you will be working with and whether you feel safe with them.

At Hickey & Hull Law Partners, we understand how divorces make you distrust others and make you vulnerable. We want to help you regain confidence and security in your life. That's why we offer free consultations and legal advice. We promise that things are about to get better for you.