Visitation for the Family Pet

Visitation for the Family Pet

Pets are part of the family. There is a reason some people call them their “fur babies”. A pet can be the first edition to a new couple’s life; a pet can be the perfect edition to a family of parents with children. After a divorce, a piece of the family, the pet (or pets), usually live with one spouse, however, some couples have a visitation schedule for the fur babies.

It may sound impossible or strange to alternate weekends with your family pet, but it is legally a contract. During the divorce process, consult your attorney about this decision. Former spouses can work out a schedule so the pets can still spend time with the humans they love, and the humans can find comfort and delight in their doggos or kitties. This schedule can then be incorporated into the divorce settlement. 

Like any other contract, if the schedule needs to change, or the arrangement isn’t working, there are legal protections and procedures in place that your attorney can navigate and explain. 

Pets love both of their owners. The relationship is mutual companionship. When children are involved, a visitation schedule can be even more important because sharing the family pet offers comfort and stability for children. If you have animals that are a central part of your family, consider including them in the divorce settlement. 

It is a tough decision, often painful, to divorce. Ease the pain of the transition and try to keep the elements of family you love and help you look forward to the future. It’s about to get better. We’re here to help.