Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Divorce?

There are over 750,000 divorces in the US each year. While there may be many divorces, each case is unique to the couple involved. No two divorce cases are ever the same. Therefore, committing pro se is dangerous and leaves you open to legal repercussions.

Pro Se is Latin for "in one's own behalf", which means that you would represent yourself in court. When going to court for divorce, you might feel confident being self-represented against your spouse. However, if you walk into a district court without representation, you are exponentially decreasing your chances of winning your case.

If you are getting divorced, always seek legal representation.

Why Should I Hire Legal Representation?

When going to court for divorce, you may be unfamiliar with many aspects. A lawyer's experience in handling evidence and knowing how to speak in court will help you win your case. With our legal knowledge, we can assist you in making the best decisions. Sometimes the best decisions are as simple as recommending to accept specific terms of the divorce or helping you collect and validate pieces of evidence and legal information.


3 Benefits of Having an Attorney in Divorce Court

Having an experienced attorney on your side can help you navigate through your emotions, determine legal custody and finances, and protect your rights and interests.

  1. Navigate Through Your Emotions

To be successful in court, you have to learn how to separate your emotions from cold, hard facts. A lawyer is a third party to the situation and can help you separate clear evidence from feelings so that you can deliver your case in court.

  1. Determine Legal Custody and Finances

If there are children involved in the divorce, you should have a lawyer. A lawyer will help you fight for child custody. If you don't win custody, your lawyer can assist you in fighting for visitation rights and your proposed financial support for your child.

Suppose you do not have a child involved in the divorce. In that case, your lawyer can still give you legal advice on finances and help you divide property and assets. Since money is a primary cause for divorce, it should come as no surprise that settling on financial splits can be a bit hairy. Pro se litigants can have a difficult time understanding these financial conversations. Therefore, having a lawyer present during these discussions can help you stay focused on your primary goal of receiving what is rightfully yours.

  1. Protect Your Rights and Interests

Whether you are involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, having a lawyer present to review the terms and decisions protects your rights and interests. Especially in a contested divorce, you must have a team to help you receive what is rightfully yours.


Divorces can be messy. You need to hire legal representation because lawyers are well-trained and experienced in the courtroom. They can help you collect evidence and information and understand how the system works.

Most legal officials warn against self-representation for a good reason. Don't make a mistake that could leave you in ruins for the rest of your life. Call Hickey and Hull Law Partners to assist you in your divorce.