The Role of Mental Health Professionals in Addressing Parental Alienation

The Role of Mental Health Professionals in Addressing Parental Alienation

If you or your children are experiencing parental alienation, know that you’re not alone. Millions of parents have also experienced it — but it’s still an isolating, emotionally challenging, and devastating situation. 

Parental Alienation

How to Reverse Parental Alienation

In a perfect world, separated parents would put their children first and their feelings of animosity second. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen: If a person doesn’t have the proper coping techniques, it can be hard to identify and control these negative feelings towards their ex-spouse.

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation vs. Parental Alienation Syndrome

If you’ve ever heard of parental alienation, chances are you’ve also heard of parental alienation syndrome.

Is the Divorce Rate Really Dropping?

You may have heard inklings of this news over the past few years and wondered if it’s true. Are divorce rates in the United States really decreasing?

Is Parental Alienation a Type of Child Abuse?

When you hear the term “child abuse,” you probably think of physical harm. But as you might know, abuse comes in different forms — in fact, abuse can be emotional, mental, and physical.

3 Ways Parental Alienation Affects the Targeted Parent

If your ex-spouse tends to speak badly about you, attempts to limit contact, or undermines your authority or importance in your child’s life, then you might be a victim of parental alienation.

Tips for Dealing with Parental Alienation At the Beginning of the School Year

Being the targeted parent of parental alienation is difficult — especially because it’s brought on without you having any say in the matter. But it’s even more challenging to address and deal with during the school year when you and your child have limited time together and want to make every moment worthwhile.

How to Reverse the Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome (Part 2)

Last month, we shared part 1 of this series addressing proven methods to reverse the effects of parental alienation syndrome.

Child Custody and Summer Vacation

The school year just ended, and your kids are home all day. You have some exciting plans for the summer, including summer camps, day trips, and a big vacation. Your kids are ecstatic and can’t wait for all the fun.

You share your summer schedule with your ex-spouse, and you find out they have similar plans that interfere with your ideas.

How to Reverse the Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome (Part 1)

Parental alienation is a problematic consequence of divorce. Although it's illegal and doesn't always happen, some parents will alienate their ex by "brainwashing" their child.