hear no evil

A Possible Conversation About Ray Rice

Do you know her name?

Of course I know her name, its...ugh, I forgot.

She's his wife. He hit her.

I heard she was lunging at him.

She was, but he hit her first.

Well, if she's lunging...

A lunge excuses hitting a woman?

Hmmm, well when you put it that way.

Were they arguing?

I don't know.

I'm sure they were...you don't just hit someone like that. She probably said something to set him off.

Were they drinking?

Don't know.

On drugs?

Don't know.

He hit her twice.

Says here it was a "fight" between husband and wife.

Have you seen the video? I can't believe the media would call it a fight. He's an NFL football player. How fair of a fight would that be?

Well, we weren't there.

Was he arrested?

Oh yeah...pleaded guilty several months ago and got probation.

Probation? That seems lenient.

I thought it was a bit harsh. They're still married. She didn't leave him.

Women don't always leave abusive relationships you know.

Wait, several months ago? Why is this just now coming out?

Well the video of what happened has been released so everyone's talking about it.

Why weren't they talking about it when he pleaded guilty?

Don't know.

Why didn't she come forward and talk about what happened, like months ago?

Don't know.

Did you see the television coverage?  All the networks have shown that video of him hitting her over and over.

Yeah I know. TV ratings must be going through the roof.


Wonder how many of his fans have seen that video?

No doubt.

Wonder how many children have seen it?

Gotta be millions dude.

Lots of kids see him as their hero.

Yeah...hope they know you're not supposed to act that way.

What if they don't? They might think that's how a man is supposed to act.

Geez, hope not. Could the networks just not show it? Oh yeah, ratings.

His wife came out supporting him today.

Really, why?

Have no idea.

Wonder why she didn't support him back when it happened?

Don't know. Maybe she did.

The Ravens released him from the team.

Really...wow. Wonder why they didn't do that before?

Said they didn't know how bad it was until the video came out.

Couldn't they have gotten that themselves?

Said they tried and couldn't.

That doesn't sound right.

I know. They came out today and said they wished they had seen it sooner and had pushed their investigation more vigorously.

Hmmm...wonder why they didn't push it more at the time.

Don't know.

You think because it was a woman?

...don't know.

Seems like if drugs are involved they're all over it immediately.


Makes you wonder.

NFL suspended him two games.

Two games?! Dude, drug suspensions and conduct suspensions are more than that.


That seems out of whack.

NFL says they didn't realize it was that bad until they saw the video a few days ago.

Why didn't they investigate it months ago? Surely she had injuries?

I was thinking same thing.

What if that video had never surfaced?

Guess nothing would have ever happened.

Well, glad it did.