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Ad for Divorce is Over the Top

Lawyers are bound by ethics rules when they create their advertising.  Below is a perfect example why.

Two women lawyers in Chicago created the ad which has just recently been taken down.  Two prominent matrimonial lawyers made the following comments:

"It's grotesque,'' said John Ducanto, past president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. "It's totally undignified and offensive."

Raoul Felder, prominent New York divorce lawyer, says, "This has to be the Academy Award of bad taste''...and "I don't think anybody walks away from that ad thinking more of the legal profession than they did before they saw it.''

Ducanto is so unamused that he has taken action.  He has called the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court of Illinois to sanction the attorneys.  "I don't think they'll just let this pass,'' he said.  He adds, "I have been in practice for 52 years, and I've worked my ass off to change the image of this particular area of the legal practice, and to see some punk try and pervert the whole image in the interest of lucre. … Sure, she's got a lot of attention, but it's like a guy who spits on a table — you got the attention, sure, but what kind of attention is it?"

Source: ABC News Law & Justice more at  Life's Short Get a Divorce