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Am I Missing Something???

So what evidence is needed to prove a significant change in circumstances in a custody case?  Evidently a hell of a lot.  The Court of Appeals affirms a decision leaving custody with a mother even after the following facts were presented:  1) mother (and child) had 5 different residences in the 60 days leading up to trial; 2) mother was working one day a week for minimum wage, largely due to the fact that she had been fired from her previous two jobs; 3) mother and child cohabited with a man on different occasions, even after he had kicked her out once for cheating on him; 4) mother had photographs of herself consuming large amounts of alcohol on a public myspace account - she also had photographs of the child (2 yrs. old) right next to these photos as well as a blog entry talking about the fact that she was having sex with the man she was living with.  Oh, and she was 20 years old.

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