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Baby Veronica Case Update: Father Arrested, Mediation Agreement Reached

The Baby Veronica case continues to spin in multiple courts, although recent developments may suggest a more objective and mature attitude being exercised by the various parties to the case.

Earlier this week, Dusten Brown, Veronica's biological father, was arrested on South Carolina charges of custodial interference, as I reported earlier.

Today, we learn that two separate court hearings in Oklahoma were attended by both Brown and his wife as well as the Capobiancos, Veronica's adoptive parents from South Carolina.

The first hearing was held in Cherokee County Family Court, where the court issued a gag order on all parties involved and where a mediation agreement was reputedly reached by the parties.

The second hearing took place in a tribal court, and thus far it seems we have no news or developments arising out of that hearing. Again, both sides attended.

If true, the mediation agreement is a heartening development, as is the gag order. It's past time for these parents to come together and do what's best for Veronica, and leave egos and personal hurts aside.

The Capobiancos won custody of Veronica after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in their favor and remanded the case back to the South Carolina Supreme Court, which reversed itself and awarded custody to them. Veronica has been in the custody of her biological father for the last nineteen months.