Dad and daughter in field

Dangers of Parental Alienation

Abuse comes in forms we expect: devastating words, bruises on the skin, a loss of innocence. During a divorce there is another form of abuse children suffer -- parental alienation. Children have a difficult time losing their family, but some parents cause unnecessary loss in the form of parental alienation.

Parental alienation pertains to the manipulation of a child’s feelings and relationship with another parent. Parental alienation goes beyond the anger a parent might feel toward their ex spouse and the projection a child picks up on during this stage of grief during and after divorce. A parent fueling parental rejection, nurturing, manipulating the dynamic between the child and the ex spouse, does so out of their own needs -- not the needs of the child.

A child benefits from a loving relationship with both parents. A parent brainwashing a child to hate and reject the other parent does so not out of love, but out of their own desires. Let’s be clear: parental alienation involves a child rejecting a parent who has done nothing wrong. This isn’t a case of endangerment of any kind; parental alienation only fuels the emotions and agenda of the parent brainwashing the child.

Judges do watch for this kind of scenario. Take care to document any evidence your or family members have if your ex is engaging in this incredibly harmful activity. Children deserve the best possible environment in which to grow and mature. The court seeks to uphold whatever is in the best interest of the child, and such abuse as manipulation and brainwashing of a child will make a huge impact on who cares for the child or children involved in a custody case.

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