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Divorce Support

This blog so often deals with topics pertaining to divorce, and within most of our paragraphs, we mention something about support. Not everyone finds the support needed during and after divorce, however. Sometimes family members and friends can't choose a side; or worse, they don't choose your side. Sometimes distance makes the level of support needed difficult and phone calls and texts are the only lifelines available. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone facing a future without their spouse deserves divorce support.

We decided to find some online support groups for those of you who need a network of understanding.

  • Woman's This virtual support group offers various categories to research and read over at your leisure. It provides general information but gives organized and helpful links for both men and women looking for more support groups. One thing we found impressive was the fact that the creators of the site included links to support groups for those who were in abusive relationships.
  • Parents Without Partners: This organization is listed on the site mentioned above. Parents Without Partners isn't just for divorced parents, and the information spans the US and Canada to provide resources for single parents.
  • Divorce Care: Also listed on the first site, this site is devoted to anyone in need of a safe space. It offers the anonymity of the online experience, while also providing an area to search for local groups meeting within your state.
  • Rainbows: Around since 1983, this established organization offers support for children grieving the loss of the family they knew.

Obviously, there are many more excellent sites and groups available. We offer advice here on all manner of subjects surrounding divorce: dating, diet, finances; we saw the need to address support groups. Get the support you need as you go through this life change, and if you have any legal questions, please, call, text, or email us at Kevin Hickey Law Partners: 479.434.2414.