Here's What You Need to Know About Public Interest Law

Here's What You Need to Know About Public Interest Law

There are 26 different types of lawyers that help civilians in all kinds of situations. Most people are familiar with divorce, family, and estate planning lawyers. However, some practices are lesser-known and offer essential services to many people.

Not only do few people know about public interest law, but very few lawyers enter into this practice.

Public interest law is necessary for many people and often requires in-depth litigation and representation in court for civil and criminal matters.

What is Public Interest Law?

The definition of public interest law is extensive and non-specific because there are so many aspects to it that one specific definition wouldn't do the field justice.

Public interest law, also known as public service law, focuses on those living in poverty or marginalized individuals who need representation for their well-being, rights as citizens, health, or finances.

In other words, public interest law focuses on those who have severe needs and cannot fully compensate a lawyer.

This field is necessary as it ensures all citizens have representation in court. Public service law covers criminal and civil charges because it focuses on those who are in need and often can't afford a lawyer.

How Can Public Interest Lawyers Help You?

Public interest law isn't the most common field for lawyers for many reasons, professionally and personally.

This field is emotionally challenging and requires the lawyer to be willing to make less money than average. Since these lawyers represent those in poverty or marginalized groups, most public service lawyers don't make as much money as other types of lawyers.

In this field, these lawyers conquer all areas of law to represent their clients and win their cases. Since public interest lawyers focus on the individual instead of the specific field, their skills are extensive and knowledgeable about various practices.

Public interest lawyers can help you with:

· Litigations

· Social work

· Community policies

· State legislation

· Civil rights matters regarding race, ethnicity, sexual orientation

· Disabled person's rights

· Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional)

· Homelessness

· Eviction

· Environmental issues

· And many more!

A public interest lawyer's wide skill range is helpful for many clients with needs in various fields.

But most importantly, these types of lawyers offer legal representation at a discounted rate. Offering discounted rates prevent clients from acting on "Pro Se" self-representation in court, which can lead to more problems in the future since most individuals are unaware of what's involved in the legal process.


Public interest law addresses a great need in the community as it works to serve those who are traditionally underrepresented. For those in poverty or marginalized groups, a public service lawyer can help you fight in criminal and civil courts regarding your rights as a citizen and your health, finances, and well-being.