Launch of New Company

Outside of lawyer life, I like to play tennis when I can and try to stay in shape.  Part of that routine is eating healthy, which is not always easy.  Over the past couple of years my wife and I have created a company called 5th Element. 5th Element's mission is to create and distribute 100% organic energy bars that are also wheat and gluten free.  We think we have the best tasting, healthiest, energy bars on the planet!

So if you are starting on a new diet, or have resolved to start eating healthier, we think our products would be a great addition to your lifestyle.

If you are a Dr. Oz fan, you will notice many of the exotic ingredients he talks about in our bars.  Chia seeds, cacao, flax seed, and others will all be in our bars.

So check us out!

P.S. - My wife runs the company.  I still lawyer full time :)