divorce cake

Let Them Eat Cake!

I'm pretty sure Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from The Great British Baking Show would have plenty to say about the new bakes trending at divorce parties. Yes, divorce parties. It sounds pretty gauche to hold a party celebrating the end of matrimony, but how better to celebrate a new era than a party and some cake or various confectioneries?

While some of the cakes are distasteful and downright murderous, there are quite a few that range from whimsical to clever. We enjoyed them so much that we created a Pinterest board (we'll add that soon). Divorce is serious, but you have to find some humor in darkness to help you move towards the light, right?

Aside from cakes, divorcing couples snap "divorce selfies" and an Etsy search yields gifts like candles supposedly scented with the aromas of freshly filed divorce papers; there's even a personalized eye chart that spells out "I used to be married but I'm better now." My favorite might be divorce albums full of the dramatic poses of those who feel they need to take the divorce selfie to the next level.

There will definitely be more than a few people insulted, enraged, offended by these new trends, but instead of criticizing, perhaps we should ask why this new industry has even developed? I think it's because people finally realized the taboo around divorce doesn't need to exist. We make mistakes or a situation turns toxic and sometimes the best solution is to end a marriage.

While divorce should be a last resort, it can be celebrated. Humans need some sort of event to help us process grief and loss so we can move forward. Divorce parties, cakes, candles, selfies, all meet a need that happens on a basic level -- crossing a threshold.

Not a single person can move forward without letting go of the past, and if a party and some iced bakes help you, then: let them eat cake!