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Mental Shifts

If you opened up your newsletter via email, you might recall how thankfulness and gratitude become the focus towards the end. You will also remember that I broached the subject of forgiveness. Certainly during this month, we are still in November, we can tout the benefits of gratitude. In fact, staying thankful during the difficult times is key to avoiding bitterness and suffering. Gratitude keeps us humble, and it helps us make the mental shift needed to emerge from struggles.

I’m not just blowing smoke, the studies have been done; gratitude affects your health by reducing stress, improving relationships, boosting willpower, and making you a more empathetic person. If you don’t believe me, just Google it. I found at least three helpful articles from Psychology Today The trick is,  thankfulness and gratitude are a choice. Choosing to think about the good influences and things in your life is what causes the mental shift to begin. Choice.

Choose thankfulness. Choose gratitude. Choose forgiveness.

As we prepare for the season of Christmas, think about these ideas. Forgiveness brings peace and gratitude brings true joy. Isn’t that what this season is all about? Forgiveness, peace, and joy?

I’m not saying what you have been through isn’t difficult, painful, or wrong. What I’m saying is that by choosing to dwell on things that will bring you power to love, to grow, and to find joy will help the pain ease. Eventually, it won’t even hurt. Okay, it might hurt sometimes, but knowing where your blessings (yeah, I’m going to say blessings because even if the word has been diluted it’s still a real word.) come from helps the hurt diminish.

I sound a little like a guru, but making that mental shift can begin with choosing every day to find a few things that bring joy or happiness to you. Heck, maybe it’s just a few things that make you feel lighter. Move into the season of lights and winter contemplation. Shift your focus from what hurts to what heals. You’ll see the benefits in your health, your attitude, your will power, and your ability to offer forgiveness to others.


Remember: it’s about to get better. We’re here to help.