Mom In Trouble Over Goat's Milk

This appears to be a hot month for overreaching CPS stories. This one comes from Maine, and it's certainly a troubling account, if true:

When the baby didn't take to breastfeeding, Gellerson started feeding him homemade goat milk formula. "Oh, he loved it," Gellerson said. "We put celery juice in it, and he just loves that, and it worked really well with his body, and he grew like a weed." But when her doctor reported this to the Department of Health and Human Services, things got messy. "She came in and threatened to take him away and put him in foster care until I complied to go to the doctor and get him seen."

The real head-scratcher is this: Gellerson says she has now fully complied with all state mandates issued in the course of this investigation -- yet the state refuses to drop the case.

Leaving aside the reasonableness of Gellerson's decision (the baby was apparently growing satisfactorily on the formula -- and the sole problem with goat's milk seems to be that it doesn't have as much of certain nutrients as commercial formula), or of the doctor's actions in turning the mother over to the CPS agency, it's hard to take a CPS agency seriously when it claims that its sole concern is the child's welfare and that it seeks reunification of the family of origin wherever possible when a case like this comes along and isn't dropped as soon as the parent is in compliance with whatever rules CPS sees fit to set.