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The Effect of Divorce on Men's Health

A toxic environment benefits no one. Divorce sometimes is the best solution to such an environment, but how you handle life after divorce can have a massive impact on your health. Men need to pay attention to the aftermath of divorce and how it affects their health—emotionally and physically.

Society expects men to carry on after a divorce. Somehow, men are seen as tough and fairly inexpressive when it comes to feelings. Men feel pressure to stay stoic, when emotionally they feel the same loss as their former spouses and children might. Studies show men who divorce are more likely to have serious health issues. Cancer, heart disease, alcoholism, and depression all top the list of concerns. These issues, largely, can be traced back to the psychological effects of divorce. Men aren’t robots. They do not have hearts of stone, however much an ex might insist. Repressing emotions or engaging in risky behaviors all can lead to health issues: depression, alcoholism, drug abuse. 

Guys, feel the feelings. 

You don’t have to pretend they aren’t there; you don’t have to find temporary fixes in order to be “manly.”

Don’t go clubbing. Don’t date before you are ready. Don’t turn into a workaholic.


It does not make you weak. It strengthens you.

Find your hurting ego and spend time building your sense of self. Focus on what makes you a good dad. Find pride in a skill. Discover new things about yourself and let go of the past. That hurting ego? It’s the past trying to dominate your future. Man up and face your pain, work through it, and move forward to a better version of the guy you left behind. Your future is important. Neglecting yourself can have serious consequences for your health and, thus, your future. Invest in your physical and mental health.Take care of your body by taking care of your psyche. Remember, things are about to get better. If you have questions call, email, or text our offices.