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Trick or Treat: Halloween and Divorce

The costume decision. You know it changes at least three times. A princess? A jedi? A dragon? A ninja? A ninja-princess-dragon? Maybe it's a themed costume where the parent and the child's characters go together somehow. Whatever the costume, Halloween is fun. Who doesn't want to post pictures on Instagram of their kids reveling in a late night full of candy and spooks? What parent doesn't want to hold their children's hands and have admiring passerby comment on your costumed cutie with their bag of goodies?

Who doesn't want to watch those angelic faces sleeping after an exhausting evening - hopefully followed up by some hot chocolate or apple cider?

No parent wants to miss out. But which parent gets the honor after the divorce? Typically, parents try to either stick to the visitation schedule or somehow split the holiday. The best solution - when possible - is to go as a family. Of course, this should only be the case if you and your ex can get along during this time period. Another solution is to have the parent taking the kids out also stop at the other parent's home so the children can see mom or dad, get candy, have pictures taken, and share their experience with the other most important adult in their little lives.

Halloween is a big deal for kids. Try to find the right solution so they can have the happiest Halloween possible.