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Your Children and Divorce: End of the Year Check-Up

It’s almost May. What does this mean? Well, in Arkansas it means the close of tornado season, the beginning of air conditioning bills, and the application of mosquito repellent. For our audience in general,  it means the end of the school year. What could this possibly have to do with divorce?

Grades. If you are divorced and have children, this is the time to check on your children’s grades and also see how your child’s behavior is at school. Some kids are fine and their grades look great and they have cheery dispositions. Other students not only have the typical issues children and teenagers face, but also have the added loss of a divorce. Be sure your child knows you care about their success in school. Co-parenting can be tough, but something as simple as grades can bring to the forefront how both you and your ex are parenting and co-parenting. It could mean the beginning of developing better communication. It could be exactly what your student needs to see -- you both care.

Grades and behavior can be an indicator that your child is having a difficult time with the changes brought about by divorce. Have a conversation with your child, email their teacher, and be sure that before the end of the year closes, your child and their total well-being can earn that A+.