Alternatives to Spying on Your Spouse in Arkansas

Alternatives to Spying on Your Spouse in Arkansas

If you’re going through a difficult divorce or separation, you might be tempted to spy on your spouse to gather evidence of wrongdoing or to uncover hidden assets. But spying can have severe legal and ethical implications since it’s a two-party consent state; plus, it may not even be the most effective way to achieve your goals. This blog post will explore a couple of alternatives to spying on your spouse in Arkansas.

What is “Collateral estoppel”?

Issue preclusion, also known as "collateral estoppel," refers to the principle that a final judgment on a particular issue prevents the same parties or their privies from relitigating that issue in a subsequent lawsuit.

What is “Unjust Enrichment”?

Unjust enrichment is a legal concept that refers to situations where one party has been enriched at the expense of another party, without a legal justification for that enrichment.

Latin Legal Terms: Res Judicata

Res judicata is a Latin term that means "a matter judged" or “a matter decided.” It is a legal doctrine that prevents parties from re-litigating issues

Latin Legal Terms; Nunc Pro Tunc

Nunc pro tunc is a Latin term that means "now for then." It's a legal term that refers to the ability of a court to retroactively correct an error in a judgment or order to reflect

What is a Lien?

A lien is a legal claim that a person or business can make against a property to ensure that they get paid for work they've done or materials they have supplied. Liens are often

Latin Legal Terms: In Loco Parentis

In loco parentis is a Latin term that means "in the place of a parent." It's a legal doctrine that applies to situations where an individual or entity assumes the responsibilities and functions of a parent.

Understanding Hearsay

Objection. Hearsay. If you've been involved in a contested trial (or watched a legal show on TV), you have probably heard this word come up. But what exactly

Child Labor Laws in Arkansas

Arkansas has child labor laws designed to protect young workers from exploitation and ensure that they have access to education and other opportunities for personal and professional development.

What Are  Process Servers and What Do They Do?

If you have ever been involved in a legal proceeding, you likely have heard the term "process server" mentioned. Process servers play an important role in the legal system,