Employment 101: Right to Work vs. Employment At Will

I have recently had several clients mention to me during conversations regarding an employment termination that the state has a right to work law. Nearly every time what the client actually meant to refer to was the employment at will doctrine.

Employment 101: Unpaid Interns and the FLSA

We have previously written about the federal law’s minimum wage caveats for tipped employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) also has an exception for interns. As you likely know, in many situations interns are entitled to no wages at all. Unpaid internships, after all, are a staple of congressional offices.

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Divorce & Your Family Business

Divorce entails the loss of more than future family goals and material things. Divorce can affect your professional life as well. Couples involved in a family business find themselves battling over the division of assets and labor that threaten the security of all involved. If you are divorcing and you own a business with your spouse, keep reading.


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Business Evaluation and Divorce

 In Arkansas, generally all property acquired during a marriage belongs to both parties—including a business. A business is subject to equitable property division as it is considered the marital estate. Some situations regarding business interest are cut and dry because the business interest is a minimal asset and others are not as they are a significant asset.