Winter man

3 Ways to Beat Winter Depression

We love the lights of the season, am I right? Candles, light shows, Christmas lights in our neighbors’ yards, they bring us light and comfort when the days get darker, colder, and shorter. It’s no wonder these months can bring on the blues--especially if you’ve experienced a major life change like divorce. Enjoying the holidays might be a little more of a struggle if you are feeling low, but we have three ways to help you fight off the bad feelings and usher in some joy.


Seek out ways to enjoy yourself. Friends are great at making us laugh. Spend time with good friends. Actually, spending time with people you like and with whom you have fun is going to lift your spirits, but if you can maximize the laughter, it’s going to boost your spirits considerably.

You probably have a favorite movie or television show that is humorous. Binge a little on something entertaining and you will feel the difference in your mood.

Eat Healthy

Eating roasted root vegetables and good soups might not compare with the bag of chocolate or the cheeseburger and fries you were craving, but the effects the vitamins and nutrients have on your body beats sugar and carbs any day. The good things you put into your body help maintain the balance of your hormones and mood. It’s not a myth: you are what you eat.

Get Some R&R/Exercise

Balance is key to much in life. Rest and relax. Get a good amount of sleep, but also be sure you do things that you enjoy: read a good book, play a game, take a walk with your dog, practice yoga, paint, craft, woodwork. Letting your busy life keep you from an activity you enjoy does drain you. In turn, be sure to sweat and build strength. Exercise isn’t just good for staying physically healthy; it’s good for your mental health as well.

Of course, if anything lasts too long, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a professional about your mood. Hopefully, embracing the shorter days and darker months with warm mealtime exploration, cozy activities, and a good workout can help you stay positive.