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A Mother's Legacy

Late nights struggling with laundry, early mornings managing lunches and breakfast while wrangling kids into clothes, finding stains on your work clothes, digging through your purse and tossing aside one sock and five army men to finally find your phone and probably a scrawled note that says, “I love you !” --  this is motherhood.

A mother works hours that never really end. A mother is a nurse, a maid, a therapist, a coach, a cook, and a professional lullaby singer. The benefits are not in a 401K, but in the hugs and kisses and small handmade gifts. The sacrifices are for a lifetime and the reward is guiding and nurturing a life. They will hate you, yell at you, throw up on you, but, ultimately, your children will honor your example. Your legacy will live on in your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thank you moms, and those dads who are both to their children, for all the love and time you give.  Happy Mother’s Day!