Marriage Counselor

Are You Trying to Save Your Marriage?

Many people come to me about getting a divorce.  Many of these people aren't even sure if they want a divorce, are ready for a divorce, or even need a divorce.  One of the first things I tell people in this group is "Divorce is ALWAYS the last resort, NEVER the first option."

I thought about that when I read a recent article (click here) about divorce being "too easy" to get these days.  And one paragraph struck me in particular because it correlates with something I truly believe.  Here's the paragraph:

What I find quite remarkable and what people say to me post divorce is 'I wish I worked harder at my marriage'. People think that if they are not happy they'll just get a divorce," says Moskovich. Instead she suggests people look harder internally as to what is driving their decision.

I couldn't agree more.  Many of the people in the group above have not truly tried to save their marriage before going to see a divorce attorney.  They simply give up.  They have allowed a divide, or wall, to build up between themselves and their spouse.

Don't let this be you.  Have you tried everything with your spouse?  Are you sure?  Have you truly tried to sit down and talk with her?  Have you gotten in contact with your pastor about helping your marriage?  Have you tried marriage counseling?  Have you tried doing nice things for your spouse each week?  Each day?

Divorce can absolutely be too easy...if you let it.  Whether it is easy or not is up to you - not the law, or the court, or the judge, or the other attorney, or even your attorney.  Its up to you.

Divorce is ALWAYS the last resort, NEVER the first option.