Divorce Filings Are Public Record - Be Forewarned

This is a good example of what happens when high profile people get divorced.  All the dirty laundry, and basically every private aspect of their lives, can be magnified into full view for all the world to see.

Markey Granberry prepares people's taxes in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  He and his business are being investigated for federal violations as well as numerous customer complaints.  This all started during the couple's divorce case.

Now, the couple's lavish lifestyle is being displayed in the Memphis media.

I'm not sure how all of this became so public.  But it would not be the first time that a scorned spouse (male or female) went public with private and embarrassing facts.  This can, and often does, backfire to harm both parties.

Many divorce pleadings are public record and can be viewed by anyone.  If you have concerns about this be sure and discuss it with your lawyer ahead of time so you will know what may and may not become public.

On a side note, not sure its a good idea to get your taxes prepared at a place called "Mo' Money Taxes".