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Do Fathers Have a Chance at Getting Custody?

Absolutely.  Fathers' rights have been gaining more and more attention in the past two decades.  And from what I've seen, judges are starting to come around to the idea that men and women are to be seen as equals when it comes to deciding custody.

But, this doesn't mean its easy, nor that it happens with a lot of frequency.  Judges are human.  And I can still tell a bias in favor of the mother when it comes to extremely young children.  Also, mothers are oftentimes more nurturing than fathers - and children tend to gravitate towards the more nurturing parent when it comes to giving their preference on where they want to live.

So, if you are a father wanting custody of your children, you'll need to have your ducks in a row before going to court.  Be sure to hire competent counsel that is skilled in the area of custody law and trying custody cases in front of the local judges.  Help your attorney by providing detailed summaries of what your witnesses will testify to.  Gather all the facts you can to help your case.  I suggest keeping a diary or calendar so that you can tell your attorney, and the judge, the exact date that an event happened.  The most persuasive witnesses are the ones that get on the stand and have their facts together.  Judges are impressed by that.

There are also great organizations that can assist fathers wanting custody.  Check out these sites.. Fathers4Kids and DadsRights.