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Defending Yourself Against False Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual abuse claims are something not to be taken lightly. Of late, there have been several high-profile accusations and with the #MeToo movement it has become all the more evident that many people have been ashamed to admit that they were victims of sexual abuse. It is unfortunate when people want to capitalize on the movement and make unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse. In my opinion, not only do these false claims have adverse impacts on the people being accused of the crime but also it adversely affects real victims of sexual abuse further victimizing them. When it is revealed that some claims were in fact lies, it causes a public perception that all such claims could be a lie. Sexual abuse claims are not something we take lightly at Kevin Hickey Law Partners, however, we do believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and we want to make sure everyone has a fair day in court. When false allegations are intentionally raised in order to harm the subject of the allegations, it is strongly advised for that person to seek legal counsel, as it can be an uphill battle. Unfortunately, we have seen false allegations in cases such as a bitter divorce when the custody of the children is contested. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it is important that you take immediate counter-action.

  • If you are going through a bitter divorce or some other situation that someone wants to cause you harm by making false accusations against you, it is best if you mitigate the situation by preventing the possibility of false allegations by avoiding being with children without another adult present that corroborates that nothing inappropriate happened.


  • Avoid engaging in any kind of conduct that could be deemed inappropriate. Examples are sexually suggestive comments and social media posts that could be your character into question.


  • It is infuriating, frustrating, and overwhelming that someone has accused you of such a terrible crime, but you must keep your temper under control. Losing control could be used as evidence against you to support the allegations.


  • Contact friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, anyone that can attest to your character and willing to testify on your behalf, either by written affidavit or in court.


  • Maintain positive relationships when the allegations arise. This is especially important if the false allegations about you and your child arising out of a custody dispute. Always keep in mind that children are not responsible for the false allegations even if they say things that support the allegations as things such as this can be planted in children’s minds through no fault of their own.

One of the most important steps is to contact an attorney immediately. Do not be passive when these false allegations are raised. You absolutely must take immediate action to protect yourself and hire a family law attorney with the necessary background and experience to defend you. At Kevin Hickey Law Partners, I never want my clients to be embarrassed or afraid to ask questions. Another reason to retain legal counsel as soon as possible is that many people that find themselves in these types of situations will admit to the allegations even though they did not commit the abuse. In their minds, it seems simpler to admit to the claims rather than defending themselves. You can be convicted based on a false confession. Don’t give up. Kevin Hickey Law Partners is here to help. Contact our River Valley office at 479.434.2414 or our Northwest Arkansas office at 479.802.6560. Remember, things are about to get better.