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Interesting Court Statistics

We have all heard statements relating to the number of lawsuits being filed these days.  This article ( provides some interesting statistics on the number of lawsuits filed; success of plaintiffs; and punitive damages.  The article was last updated in 2004, and some of the information is prior to that time, but I think we would see similar results today.

In fact, if someone can point me to more recent data, please send it my way and I'll get it up on the blog.

Note to lawyers:  No surprise to me that many lawsuits are bounced by judges prior to trial.  Although I was a little surprised by the high percentage.  But check out the success of plaintiffs having bench trials as opposed to jury trials.  I would not have suspected that.

Here's another site with some 2000 data.  (first page is economic data so be sure to go on to the next pages.)