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Making the Holidays Happy

The chill in the air is here to stay. The kids have a few remnants of hard candy leftover from Halloween, but all that's left of the chocolate are the golden ghosts of foil wrapping. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the retail stores -- Thanksgiving is upon us.

With one holiday past you, you look towards the visitation schedule for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe the kids are with you, maybe with your ex. Regardless of the circumstances, the holidays are painful after divorce because they remind us of the past.

The solution? Build new memories. Make new holiday traditions. As parents we strive to ease the pain by shielding our children and we can make this possible by celebrating family and the season in new ways that center around love and thankfulness and joy.

The article featured today not only provides good examples of ways to make the holiday new and magical for the the family dynamic post-divorce, but also shows ways to make the entire situation more positive. Give thanks. Spread cheer. Waste time with your kids and lavish love on them while they are in your presence.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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