Money Saving Mini Vacations for Families

We all know how our economy has faired over the past few years.  One area that has suffered is the family vacation.  Families are taking fewer vacations because they simply can't afford it.

In fact, family vacations had been in decline long before the economy went into the tank.  In OVERSCHEDULED KIDS, UNDERCONNECTED FAMILIES: THE RESEARCH EVIDENCE, Dr. William J. Doherty of the University of Minnesota posits that its not just vacation time that is suffering.  Kids are many times "over scheduled" to the point that family time falls by the wayside.

Well, you don't have to schedule a bunch of days off work or spend a lot of money to have a meaningful get away with the family. has put together a great list of 51 mini and cheap vacations for the family.  Every state is represented so there's no excuse for not checking it out! Click here for the article.