Narcissists: Part 1

Narcissists. They’re everywhere. Many of them are well-loved, charming, charismatic people with devoted followers. In fact, they have a line of would-be followers that seems endless. The chances are high that you’ve date one, and for the focus of this blog, married one. A marriage to a narcissist is full of toxicity. Do not, for one moment, doubt that you were abused. Relationships with a narcissist leave you reeling emotionally. If you felt like nothing you did was correct, the love you gave was not accepted, or was accepted and then thrown back at you, that you were constantly making up for wrongs you unknowingly inflicted on your partner, and that no matter how you bent and twisted for them, those wrongs could never be righted, you were probably married to a narcissist. Did your spouse: Compare you to others? Cross emotional and physical boundaries without thought? Leave you drained of confidence? Hurt you and then blame you for your wound? Yeah. That sounds like a narcissist. It’s a good thing you are leaving or have left. Divorce hurts; It’s rough on families and individuals, but narcissists drain the energy and confidence from people until they are husks of who they once were, and they believe they absolutely have the right to do so. The next few blogs will explore the abuse a narcissist inflicts and how to heal and rebuild after you’ve stopped living in the same home. Narcissists easily hook people. It’s not uncommon to find yourself dragged back into the narcissist’s web, or find yourself seeking out other narcissists. If you have children, it’s tricky. I’ll be looking into ways the law helps you and ways it doesn’t protect you or your children and, hopefully, with the information presented, you’ll be able to arm yourself and your children in healthy ways against any further abuse.