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Our Client Services are Changing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients about other attorneys is availability. What do I mean? Clients call with questions, fears, concerns, and are met with silence. Many attorneys either are too busy to call back, or simply don't take the time.

In such a potentially traumatic time as a divorce or CPS/DHS case, security is important. Feeling confident in the person who is your legal representation in court doesn't just mean feeling that they are experts in the law. As a client, you need to feel that they also care and listen. You need to feel confident that your attorney cares about you.

Our team has recently expanded to include a client liaison whose sole job is answering client questions. Busy attorneys in and out of court will be working closely with our client representative to give answers to questions and relay information, while remaining available for their court appearances. Clients will know their importance to us and also have the answers and security they need.

Always feel free to give us feedback on ways we can serve you! Thank you!