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School is in Session: Sharpened Pencils, Backpacks, and Co-Parenting

Back to School!

The fall is full of stress and excitement, especially for divorced parents. Back-to-school scheduling and expenses can turn confusing and expensive. The balance for both sets of parents and their children can easily be upset between activities and priorities.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to make life a little smoother so the focus can be on family. There are apps and websites to help manage time, schedules, and expenses for parents co-parenting who have little time for extended conversation. As Brigid Duffield, P.C. wrote recently, talk to your children about the new schedules and how they are affected. Be sure to communicate with school, faculty, and staff about your family situation. Always stress to your children the importance of honesty and communication in your family, too. Divorce is hardest on kids and they need to know they are supported and loved. Let them know that even if they need to talk with someone else, expressing their feelings is vital.

Balancing life at best is difficult, so make use of the ways in which technology and people can help so that your family has more time living life together at it's fullest.

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Referenced Brigid A. Duffield, P.C.