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The Baby Veronica Case Gets Even More Complicated

I've written briefly about the Baby Veronica case before here, but it's time for an update: Far from resolving anything, the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case apparently has led to even more complexity.

If you're looking for a thorough explanation of the back history, the Wikipedia page for the case is fairly balanced.

Two recent developments in particular caught my attention, both taking place since the South Carolina Supreme Court's second ruling in the matter a few weeks back.

First, the Cherokee Nation sought to intervene in the South Carolina case by petitioning the Court (along with the biological father) for reconsideration of its July 17th order. Apparently there has also been a tribal court order issued recently granting temporary custody of the girl to the biological father's parents, while he is serving in the armed forces.

Second, the birth mother joined suit with other plaintiffs seeking to have the Indian Child Welfare Act, the law relied upon by the biological father to argue he should have custody of the toddler, declared unconstitutional.

For the sake of the child, and all who love her, I do hope there's some finality to the conclusion of this case. It can't come too soon.