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The Divorce Hotel: Crazy or good idea?

So now we have the Divorce Hotel.  You and your spouse check in on Friday (separate rooms of course) and leave on Sunday with your divorce papers completed and ready to be taken to court for filing.  No fuss no muss.  Lawyers, mediators, psychologists, and other professionals are all on hand to handle whatever issue comes up during the 48 hour stay.  And the accomodations are luxurious to make you as comfortable as possible as you go through the process.

Have we completely lost our minds?  Divorces are way too easy to get these days right?  And this just makes it that much easier.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

I often encourage clients to work with their spouse to come to some type of amicable resolution if at all possible, AND if the parties can speak to each other civilly.  After all, the research is very clear that an agreement that is reached by the parties in a divorce is much more likely to be complied with by the parties than a decision that is rendered by a judge.  The primary reason seems to be because the parties have some ownership over the way the agreement is drafted - rather than an edict handed down by the judge.

Divorce is ALWAYS the last resort and NEVER the first option.  So if a couple has tried everything to save their marriage, and they are going to get divorced, why not work together to reach an amicable resolution rather than start World War III with each other?  And does it matter whether their discussions take place at their home, in an office, or at a hotel?  Aren't we just talking about moving the location of the discussion/mediation to a hotel rather than a lawyer or mediator's office?

At first blush, the Divorce Hotel just doesn't sound right.  And it certainly won't be for everybody.  But if it helps some people get through the process with as little pain as possible, I don't see the problem.