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The Do's and Don'ts of Divorce

Thanks to Doug Barics (New York Family Law and Divorce, listed in blogroll) for his post about this article. Great article with several pieces of practical advice for divorcing parties. My favorite is the one Doug highlighted in his blog:

"A feuding couple couldn’t agree how to divide their belongings. So the judge gave the wife the rifles, hunting dog, boat and truck. He gave the husband the armoire, china, quilt collection and silverware."

Lesson here is be very sure you want the judge to decide these types of issues. If you are willing to compromise on issues such as division of property, you may be much happier in the long run than if the judge divides your property for you.

Here's the link.... http://www.orlandosentinel.com/services/newspaper/printedition/monday/goodliving/orl-divorce08may26,0,1009600.story

Caveat: Every state's laws are different. Most of the advice in the article applies across the country, but be careful about assuming the law in one particular case or fact pattern is going to be the same in yours.